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Today’s HVAC systems are complex mechanical systems that need to be designed, measured, installed, and serviced by experienced professionals. The process of selling these systems isn’t about the lowest number, it’s about the highest level of comfort. So, when there are multiple bidders lined up in front of a home, it can be virtually impossible to give a homeowner the information they need to make an informed decision. On this week’s Ask the Experts video highlight, an HVAC contractor from California asks:

How should we respond when we are called out to a sales call and there are 3 other companies lined up in front of the home waiting to give a price?

EGIA’s faculty members Weldon Long (New York Times Bestselling Author), Drew Cameron (Award-winning HVAC Trainer and President of Flow Odyssey), and Gary Elekes (Founder of EPC Training and iMarket Solutions) give their expert advice on how to differentiate your brand based on value instead of price.

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