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The following resources have been added to the Contracting Best Practices Resource Library. To access these new tools, visit the Best Practices Library.


2.7 – Business Planning Tool – Scaling -Up Blank EXCEL Tool: This is a blank version of the Scaling up Tool we utilize and built to define the areas of the company and activities required to create alignment in goals for the year, the quarters, and the one page strategic plan (OPSP).

3.1 – Chart of Accounts Example: Here is a sample chart of accounts. A company can use this as a benchmark. The numbering system can be customized in quickbooks (or any accounting software/module). Various departments may be a part of a company not included here. Follow the structural process of how the chart for accounts is organized.

4.3 – Indoor Air Quality Benchmarks-KPI’s for IAQ Segment: Utilize the spread sheet here to determine the performance of your company to the benchmarks of the industries top firms in IAQ.

6.14 – Outdoor reminder Advertising – Billboard: Examples Sample bill board ideas.

6.14 – Billboard Example: Sample billboard ideas.

10.10 – Technician Daily Tracking Report Example: Utilize this example EXCEL template as an example for daily tracking of all aspects of technician opportunities.

10.10 – Technician Detailed Tracker: This is a detailed daily tracker for tech opportunities.

17.2 – Fleet Maintenance Sample Form: Utilize this form as a basic maintenance platform to track and manage your fleets required checklist for maintenance and safety.

20.2 – Plumbing Inspection Form: Utilize this form to create your version of a plumbing whole house inspection platform. The checklist allows the plumbing technician to professionally walk through a dwelling and ensure full evaluation of reporting to a owner, starting a conversation about the efficacy of the mechanical systems.


10.15 – After Hours Procedures: Utilize the procedures defined in the example to formulate your own company policy, process, and pay plan for after hours calls.

19.4 – Asset Purchase Agreement: Use this as a guideline to work with a local attorney to edit into your county, city and state for an asset purchase.

19.4 – Buy-Sell Agreement: Use the example buy sell agreement to update with your local attorney for city, county and state.

19.4 – Acquisition Confidentiality Agreement: Utilize this confidentiality agreement acquisitions, to insure both parties are secure in trust to not divulge information of the sale/purchase of the entity.

19.4 – Bill of Sale Sample: Use this as a bill of sale example for any acquisition.

19.4 – Assignment of Purchase Agreement: Use this as a sample to complete and work with a local attorney to finalize for city, state and county level.