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The following resources have been added to the Contracting Best Practices Resource Library. To access these new tools, visit the Best Practices Library.


1.7 Meeting Agendas – Use these sample agendas to conduct various meetings. You will be required to fill in the blanks here on meeting agenda details that matter to YOUR Company and your own meeting rhythms. This is a template for structure.

1.7 Quarterly Company Update Meeting Agenda – Use this template to edit and adapt your company quarterly updates. It is a presentation example template. Each company needs to add in the details of what they want in the communication pattern for the meeting, this is simply an example.

6.12 Precision Tune Up Offer (Free with Donation) – Here is an example precision tune up new customer postcard used to target new clients in geographic zones. This is a promotion in shoulder season to capture new clients and has limitations. Geared to gain new clients to demographically place clients into a company marketing funnel.

6.12 Targeted Demand Service Letter – Here is a targeted letter on demand service, designed to target new customers.

11.1 Service Agreement Tech Training Manual – Use this example training manual to customize your company version, edit the document and update to fit your platform. There are many variations, so this is a generic document allowing you to create a process that focuses on your technician club agreement training approach.


6.6 Santas Return – Here is an example promotion of Santa’s Return for a January Shoulder season. This is a example for selling and direct mail to new customer marketing.