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3.5 – Double Entry Accounting Transaction: Learning the process of double entry accounting is important for book keeping and getting complete accuracy in a company’s financials. We want our book keeping function to master the art of all aspects of accounting.

3.9 – Accounting – Utlizing Quickbooks On-line: Quickbooks is a basic accounting platform and is a very popular platform. Understanding and using quick books is essential to managing accounting. This video breaks down the software application and how to bets utilize the tools.

9.10 – The Perfect Service Call Process and SALES, Lead Turnovers: Each company must have a process to define the operational execution for a service call. The Perfect Service call process is the “Idea”, however there are multiple steps in the delivery of the actual experience. Learn the process and study your own processes, then refine it to be the best in the market.

9.12 – Defining a Clients Needs, Asking Questions to Define Options for Presentation: Determining the client needs is crucial in getting the sales presentation options focused on the areas a client would be interested in buying. This is all about asking questions and learning the right process to get into a conversation, making the emotional connection with the client. This video focuses on the questions and the connection process so we can get to the correct presentation.

9.17 – The Technician Debrief: Finishing the “client experience” process as a technician, requires us to complete the technical work AND follow-up with the client to create full emotional happiness. That occurs when the technician not only delivers but we debrief with our client so they know how much we care about the deliverable. By engaging and asking, especially for the review process, this drives the points home for the client and our technician team members how we want it accomplished.

9.19 – Promoting Maintenance Club Agreements and Selling – Technician Selling of Maintenance: The service technician needs to understand how to communicate and market the maintenance plans of any company. The idea of selling maintenance is grounded in education, and having a system within our company to create consistent sales process along all our technicians for maintenance club agreements. This video stresses the process, and identifies the need for technicians to master clients emotional connections.

9.18 – Selling Technician Pay Plans: The selling technicians need to have a pay plan that is fair and drives the lead turrnover opportunities and pays well for doing so. The same for the actual sale.

9.22 – Gender Based Selling – Communications: There are stark differences between the genders when it comes to communications, creating understanding, and developing emotional connections. This video identifies some of the base reasons, and we explore the techniques used in working with the various genders. Satisfying each gender and knowing how to adapt your style is essential.

13.17 – Developing A Full Menu of Employee Benefits: Employee and company benefits are essential elements today in the recruiting game as we all vie for talent. Having a strong set of employee benefits is a necessary idea today, and while it is expensive it allows us to remain competitive in the market for talent. This video breaks down many of the various benefit options a company can think about to become more innovative and competitive.

15.1 – Replenishment of Inventory Truck Stock: The replenishment process can be done in several ways, the important fact being it gets done well. Follow the video and reviews the notes for the best practice for replenishing trucks.

15.2 – Material Handling and Order Replenishment: Order replenishment is a key process in leaning out your inventory, and conservation of working capital. Establishing the proper inventory is a first step, and then we need a system to re-order as well as maintain seasonal levels. This video break down the elements of a working material handling and order replenishment system.

15.2 – Inventory Bin Systems for Material Handling & Replenishment: The material handling system in most companies are not effective in keeping proper inventory on hand in each vehicle, and in fact, often lead to inventory increases and shrinkage as a result. Use the BIN system of replacing used inventory along with the kitting procedure. Study this best practice video and work on your own bin replenishment processes.

15.4 – Software to Manage Inventory Control: The use of software is almost essential when it comes to controlling inventory and replenishment. As a company scales itself, these details become greater than most individuals can keep up with or handle, leading to a decision to automate. This video reviews some of the basic ideas in software to control and replenish inventory in a trades business.

17.1 – Leasing versus Buying a Fleet or Vehcile: Utilize this tool to determine a lease versus buy decision. Capital is hard to preserve, so leasing has a place. Do your math so you make the most informed decision.


17.1 – Lease versus Buy Tool: This tool can help you quantify the analytics of the decision to lease versus buy a particular asset.


11.7 – Maintenance Technician Sales and Conversions: The maintenance conversion and lead turnover process needs some clarification and operating process to make certain it is done to company standards. Utilize this best practices article to define your version of maintenance agreement conversion.