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3.7 – Details on Deferred Liability Accounting: Proper accounting practice for dealing with an expense that is coming due in the future requires us to plan for that expense and define it. We call these deferred liability accounts. Establishing accounts for extended warranty, lifetime warranties, or any form of a future liability account is a key to accuracy in knowing the true value or costs of the company. The balance sheet accounts need these to show what cash we truly have access to and what we may owe in the future.

8.7 – In-Home Customer Assessment Tool: Utilize this as a sample of what and how to employ a customer assessment tool in the retail sales process. Too many Comfort Advisors will use verbal questioning to ask a client some of these questions skipping over them, and we need to understand many of these are key to becoming aware of social styles, aligning a buying needs wants and desires, as well as making the priority list appear. By prioritizing we can more easily focus on a package that meets the needs and over come the price objection later using these consumer based ideas in our discussion of the objection.

8.15 – Social Styles in Sales: Learning how to apply social styles concepts to your relationship building model is a key to advancing your overall sales career. Learn the basics of the various styles and how they can help your sales process.

8.16 – Preparing for the In-Home Sales Call: Use this best practice video to prepare mentally and physically for the in-home sales process. Many sales personnel do not realize the importance of getting into a mental state of mind and how important the 1st impression is when interacting with a new client.

8.17 – Introducing the Process of Our Sales Call – the Purpose Process Payoff:Comfort Advisors and selling technicians should have a refined and personal style built around the introduction of what will transpire during the sales process in the home. IN doing so, the purpose process payoff statement inspires command skills by the sales person without creating a sales environment. By laying out precisely who, what, where, when and how the client will feel motivated and well cared for that a Comfort Advisor is worthy of earning the business. Learn here what the statement can sound like and create your own pattern as part of the sales process.

9.15 – Technician Role Play & Development: Utilize this video to define your agenda of how you as a company you want to develop role play. The skill development process needs attention to detail on the skills, mapped out, so the role play activity can be short and direct and work can be debriefed.

9.16 – Technician Communication – The Daily Huddle: Why on earth would anyone bring their fleet and technicians into a company daily to conduct a huddle? Its expensive, and it wears out my fleet, the time I have to pay for, the depreciation of the trucks, gasoline and the many other reasons we create as fear as a barrier are reasons to NOT do a daily huddle with technicians. If we evaluate the costs its about $7.00 per call per technician, so raise the prices $7.00 and lets talk about how to do a daily huddle so we can sell more equipment or lead turnovers, more accessories, improve communications, control mindset, enhance brand and look, re-inventory trucks daily. Use this video to get out of the fear zone and into the growth zone.

9.22 – Communications Technique – Enhancing Communication and Understanding: Learning the process of communications is essential to be a great technician and being great is something we all want to focus on as we aspire to educate clients. This video breaks down the process, the steps to learn and practice, as well as the methods to improve your teams skills. Use the video to discuss the best practices in your group and work to develop role plays that help us work with clients.


6.12 – Targeted Direct Mail – Private Furnace Sale to Club Clients: Utilize this as a direct mail follow up to a service agreement club customer, fall furnace private sale to club clients. It also has a Indoor Air Quality component to conduct a free IAQ inspection-evaluation which can be edited to fit your model.

8.15 – Social Styles Attributes – Training Slides: Utilize these slides as training and support materials for sales personnel and those in the company to be certain all teams and individuals understand each others differences.

13.15 – Safety Manual and Policy: Utilize the safety manual to work with your third party provider and insure your safety policy, training, education and manual are up to date.