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The following resources have been added to the Contracting Best Practices Resource Library. To access these new tools, visit the Best Practices Library.


6.3 – Marketing Campaign Calendar: Companies need to design a aligned set of marketing campaigns that focus on the needs of leads, and sales. Utilize this as a campaign calendar to define all marketing campaigns, the call to action, the blueprint for KPI’s and tracking, This is extremely disciplined to define the monthly promotions, actual events, social media posts, all traditional media to make alignment happen.

11.6 – Free 1 Year USA Club Maintenance with New System Letter: Utilize this letter to design your own company content for a 1 year free maintenance agreement offer on a sale of a new system.

13.1 – Cost Based Organization Chart: Occasionally we have a need to create a costing analysis of what our company is doing in terms of adding individuals and costs. This is a tool to validate the cost structure of field production to admin support. It allows us to align and be focused on growing properly.

13.1 – Organization Chart: Use this as a sample organizational chart for your company to consider a template. You will want the current plan, and a 3 year this is what we can be plan based on growth.