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The following resources have been added to the Contracting Best Practices Resource Library. To access these new tools, visit the Best Practices Library.


1.4 Culture Defined Template: Here is an example of defining a culture. A defining statement can be included with videos of owners, leaders for on boarding. We utilize this document to educate and organize a hiring and on-boarding sequence, and of course the definitions also help guide the day to day operations.

9.23 Maintenance Technician Social Styles: Training Materials for Technicians on Social Styles.

11.7 Maintenance Recommendations Form: Use this form as a possible technician model for the client discussion about recommendations from Mechanical Magic. Edit and adapt to fit your product situation and market.

11.8 Maintenance Technicians Social Styles Training: Social Styles training for maintenance.

11.8 Maintenance Technical Training Outline: Here is an outline to customize your on-boarding and maintenance technician training plan.

11.8 Maintenance Questionnaire for Homeowners: Utilize and enhance this maintenance technician questionnaire for use in process working with homeowners to learn about potential options to discuss.

14.2 Maintenance Tune Up Script Outbound: Utilize the script as a baseline to develop the main script for your outbound call center and develop tune ups. Also learn the 20 best practices to develop your learning model for maintenance calls to new customers.


11.8 Maintenance Tech Role Description: Here is the precursor to a hiring process – defining the role and execution of your maintenance technician.

11.8 Maintenance Technician Training: Utilize this for testing and training for potential maintenance candidates.

11.8 Maintenance Technician Testing Process: Utilize the testing procedures for training development.

11.8 Maintenance technician Social Styles Testing and Training: Utilize this set of tools for testing and training social styles.

11.8 Maintenance Technician-Process of Training for Client Experience: Use this tool to customize your training plan for client experience as it relates to a maintenance technician.

11.8 Maintenance Technician Perfect Maintenance Call: Use this tool to create the company standard operating procedure for the perfect maintenance call.

11.8 Maintenance Lead Turnover and Communication Process: Here is a method and some details on training maintenance technicians on the company ideas for communicating older equipment in repair versus replace.

11.8 Maintenance Leads, Selling and Communication Models: Use this article as a training model for communication skills for maintenance technicians.

11.8 Proper Mindset for Maintenance Technician: Use this tool to set goals monthly and yearly for maintenance technicians.

14.2 Script Development Best Practices for CSR – Outbound: Utilize this learning script article to create your script and learn as you develop information and recordings.