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The following resources have been added to the Contracting Best Practices Resource Library. To access these new tools, visit the Best Practices Library.


9.4 – Technician Individual Plan for Development: Each technician and team member deserves a written yearly development plan. Use this model to begin the discussions with your team. Assign company and individual learning models to grow team members.

22.1 – Electrical Key Performance Indicators – KPI’s, Benchmarks or Metrics: These are the basic electrical KPI’s (benchmarks and/or metrics). We utilize these to compare and contrast the company performance in any area to ask why our performance may or may not be in line. They are not absolutes, but they are guidelines from many successful companies that were compared and evaluated professionally to validate accuracy and context of the KPI’s.

22.2 – Electric Database for Repairs, Pricing, Markup, Parts Costs: Edit the database and create your repair prices and any descriptions you may want to change.


9.4 – Technician Development Model: This is a customer service evaluation tool for technicians to determine awareness levels for training.

9.14 – Technician Selling Tools – Accessories: Each technician will favor their own style of presenting options for selling accessories. Here is a basic example of a file that can be edited and then uploaded to an iPad or cretaed in PDF “shared” format to clients, for an easy point and click discussion about options in the home.

22.2 – Electrical Flat Rate System – Residential Files: Use these three files to create a pricing system for your electrical division. The EXCEL database allows for the repairs to be edited and created. Import to the Word price pages, then pair with the corresponding numerical art pages for each group of repairs.

22.2 – Electrical Art Presentation Pages to Consumers: These are the consumer art pages for descriptions of what happened and why, allowing a technician to educate the client about the repair, the price, and the guarantees. It also specifies the club agreement. You can use find-replace to edit these documents and customize to your company in minutes.


22.3 – Electrical Inspection Form: Use the form here to baseline your electrical inspection platform. The electrician can utilize this to sell around the repairs and what a consumer may elect to after being educated, invest in with your company.