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What if you had access to the nation’s best HVAC lender network, all on one single application process?

What if that process was 100% online, with no hard credit check to the customer, and you received approvals in real time?

What if you could get your customers to the right products and options, whether they have excellent credit or challenged credit?

In March, EGIA will be introducing OPTIMUS. It’s smart. It’s easy. It’s quick. Put simply… its better. Optimus will provide a single application process for virtually ALL of the current lenders on our program. All applications will start in the same place and customers will be sent to the appropriate lender, based on their credit profile and the financial products you choose to offer.

OPTIMUS will use Soft Pull technology to quickly help a customer get to the right lending partner and the right products. This will virtually eliminate the need for multiple applications and multiple credit pulls for customers, all the while delivering 90% approval rates for your business. All in just seconds.

Most importantly, OPTIMUS with Soft Pull technology will help CLOSE MORE SALES!

Click here to request a demonstration, and enroll with OPTIMUS. An EGIA representative will help determine if the OPTIMUS platform is right for you!