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Optimize Technician Routing & Enhance Customer Experience with New Video Training Series!

Your dispatchers are the lifeblood of your contracting business. They communicate with customers and your internal team to match the right technicians with the highest opportunity jobs. With the summer busy season fast approaching, now is the time to optimize your dispatching function to maximize every opportunity while the phones are ringing.

That’s why we’ve launched an all new Dispatching online training course that offers contracting businesses of all sizes the framework to develop a dispatching process that optimizes the routing of your service teams and delivers a winning customer experience just in time for your summer rush. This course includes the following training videos:

  • Video 1: What is Dispatching & Why Is it so Critical?
  • Video 2: The Role of a Dispatcher
  • Video 3: The Fundamentals of Dispatching – Hiring the Right Attributes
  • Video 4: The Fundamentals of Dispatching – Geo/Tech Specific
  • Video 5: Managing Personalities, Alphas, and Varying Social Styles
  • Video 6: The Importance of Acknowledgement and Extra Communication
  • Video 7: The Role of Technology in Dispatching
  • Video 8: The Dispatching Board – Using the Chessboard for Success
  • Video 9: Peak Season – How to Optimize in Peak Weather Patterns
  • Video 10: Disaster Plans – Having a Plan to Dispatch
  • Video 11: Meeting Rhythms, Including Dispatching in the Process

Ready to view the Full Course?

EGIA Contractor Unviersity Members can log in to their member dashboard and navigate to the “Contractor Training” tab and select “Online Classes” to start the Dispatching training course. If you’re not an EGIA member, you can get access to the full Dispatching online course free for 30 days by clicking the banner below!