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In the July 2020 Snapshot Survey, contractors share their strategies for training non-technical staff on HVAC fundamentals to help you incorporate best practices into your strategy. Here’s one survey question and its results from the summary report, which will be available in its entirety to EGIA members on 8/15/20.

How necessary do you believe it is for non-technical employees (Comfort Advisors, CSRs, salespeople, etc.) to have fundamental HVAC knowledge?

EGIA Snapshot Survey - Working Remotely

A skilled HVAC technician is rarely the first person at your company that customers interact with. Dispatchers, salespeople, and customer service representatives are often the first points of contact. A basic understanding of HVAC systems can help non-technical staff properly communicate with customers and connect them with appropriate solutions. According to contractors that took our survey, 58% believe that it is very necessary for non-technical employees to have a fundamental HVAC knowledge. With as much as 75% of some companies’ employees coming from outside an HVAC background, it is critical that some training occurs to create a complete and professional customer experience.

Here’s what a contractor from New York had to say:

“Basic understanding is needed to help customers feel confident in the first point of contact with your company. Consistently allowing customer-service-based employees to interact with technical employees, and learn through provided textbook materials or webinars, gives these employees confidence in communicating service needs from customer to technician.”

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