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In the August 2018 Snapshot Survey, we asked contractors all about after-hours service calls. Here’s one survey question and its results from the summary report, which is now available in its entirety to EGIA members.

Question: Does your company answer after-hours service calls?

First and foremost, we wanted to know how many companies field and respond to after-hours services calls, and it turns out an overwhelming 96% keep employees handy throughout the night.

While companies operate on a standard schedule, equipment, of course, isn’t always polite enough to only breakdown during normal business hours. If and how a company offers after-hours service can be a complex problem to address, but the merits of keeping people available round-the-clock are all too apparent.

A customer knowing that a problem that arises at any time, day or night, will be addressed in a timely manner may be the difference between them picking your company or your competitor. And as the 96% to 4% split shows, your competitor probably answers after-hours service calls.

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EGIA Snapshot Survey - What percent of contracting companies answer and respond to after-hours service calls?