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Question: Would you recommend contracting with StoryBrand to develop a better story? We’ve read the book and played around on their website but just never took the next step.

Drew Cameron; EGIA faculty member and Founder of Flow Odyssey:

Yes, I would recommend! I met Don Miller at a conference I went to last year, I’ve watched some of his video content, and read his book, and what I’ve seen is something I believe in wholeheartedly.

He does a great job with the framework, but the challenge that you’ll find when you watch his videos or read his book is that his message is all about having one product or one service. If you have multiple verticals, then you’ll have to think outside of his box.

Just in HVAC, you might have residential service, maintenance, and installation. If you start layering in Indoor Air Quality, commercial service, plumbing, and electrical, you’ll start to see the challenges I’m talking about with that specific framework.

That being said, there is a way to adapt, adjust, and execute. Building a StoryBrand would be a great first step. Yes, is the answer to the question. Focus the one product or service within your ecosystem that you want to highlight and promote first and foremost, and that will get you traction.

Once you get started there, you can begin to layer on some more advanced principles.

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