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Question: When a contractor receives a request to perform service or an install and the customer has someone in the home who is Covid positive, what should the contractor do? If they run the call how do they protect everyone?

Drew Cameron; EGIA faculty member and Founder of Flow Odyssey:

It’s a great question and I think yeah it’s something to plan for. I guess the way I look at this, if I were still a contractor and the way I would advise my contractors is, I am not worried about this.

I’m going to talk to my team and see what they’re willing to do and then I’m going to advise customers on how they need to prepare their house for me to be there and then provide the service obviously.

We’ll go through the protocols, we’ll put on the gloves, we’ll put on the masks. We’ll put on the shield, the booties. I’ll have my own disinfectant and sanitary wipes – whatever it takes to make the customer feel comfortable.

I would kindly ask the customer to move the infected person to an isolated part of the house, which is something they should be doing anyway.

I’d then go into the home and do anything I needed to do, as long as my people feel willing to do it. I’m not going to force my people to do something they aren’t comfortable with doing.

So, I guess I would just evaluate it on a case-by-case basis since it doesn’t sound like it’s an issue that is coming up all that frequently.

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