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Question: How do you motivate yourself for success?

Weldon Long; EGIA faculty member and New York Times Bestselling author:

I joke a lot about “having written a book on this” but I really have written a book on this.

Success is a result of motivation and focus and that is an ongoing challenge. We all have bad days, we all have frustrating days, we all lose our cool and lose our perspective from time to time.

To me, the essence of staying motivated is the daily reset. It’s what I call a quiet time ritual. Take some time to get some clarity on what you want along the three major dimensions of life: money, relationships, and health. Figure out what you want and write out a Prosperity Plan – you can read about that in my book, The Power of Consistency.

The key is to review your Prosperity Plan on a daily basis because you know we live on this 24-hour circadian rhythm and we kind of do everything once every 24 hours. It’s amazing how quickly we forget our priorities.

There are things that you want to do and you do them for a couple days but after a tough day, you forget. And it was working! It’s one of my favorite definitions of insanity – finding something that you like and it works and then stop doing it.

That’s what we do because we forget. We wake up one day and you’re hectic, you’re too busy, and you forget that routine.

You have to make sure you have your plan focused right in front of you every single day. Take 10 or 15 minutes with your cup of coffee and focus on it. That will remind you every day about your WHY – why you do the things that you do, what your goals are. A daily review of the principals is really important.

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