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Question: We have the summer busy season coming up, just around the corner, and we’re still dealing with this pandemic. What do you think people should be doing to prepare for summer?

Drew Cameron; EGIA faculty member and Founder of Flow Odyssey:

What have you done in the past? Just because we’re coming out of an unusual circumstance, doesn’t mean that you should necessarily do anything different than what you did in the past. You have to prepare for this summer just like you prepared for the last several summers that you’ve been in business.

You might say the stakes are a little bit higher because you’ve taken some revenue hits or you’re down some people or something of that nature. I think you have to take those things into consideration. So, if your revenue has taken a hit or you had to lay off some people, maybe you have to bring those back.

You should ready the workforce. You should get the truck clean. You should make sure that the stock is where it needs to be for the parts that are required for the summer demand season. Make sure all your equipment is stocked – parts, pieces, and materials as well.

Since we’re currently in spring, I’d be getting my tune-up marketing pieces in the mail to drive tune-ups. I’d be sending out my indoor air quality marketing for spring, for spring allergies and whatnot. My spring replacement mailer for my clients will be dropping in the next week or two. Those are things we do every year and we do them every year at the same time.

Those things, like I said, are going to be no different. The things that are going to be different are adapting, adjusting, and executing based on what you’ve experienced over the past few months. Maybe you have to go out and do some recruiting because you had to lay some people off and they got picked up.

I know a lot of good people that unfortunately got let go from good companies and they said, “We’re not going to sit on the sidelines,” and they took a job somewhere else. If things heat up, those companies are going to have to find new people. So, you may think about activating the recruiting engines right about now to ready yourself because by the time you go through the recruiting process and get somebody onboarded, you’re going to be in the middle of your summer execution process.

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